Discovering Relief from TMJ Disorder

June 10, 2024

At the office of Norwalk Dental Center, we specialize in providing top-notch care for those suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. If you're experiencing jaw pain, difficulty speaking or eating, or simply having trouble opening and closing your mouth, you don't have to endure this discomfort alone. Our experienced team is here to help you find relief and get back to enjoying life without TMJ pain.

Your TMJ plays a crucial role in facilitating all jaw movements throughout the day. These joints, located right in front of your ears, are designed to handle an enormous range of motion and withstand significant biting forces. However, when overused, inflamed, or injured, they can become dysfunctional, leading to TMJ disorder.

Addressing the Complexities of TMJ Disorder

A variety of factors can contribute to a TMJ disorder, including muscle strain, joint inflammation, and injury. The symptoms of this condition can be quite diverse and may include:

  • Clicking or popping sounds when moving your jaw
  • Earaches and tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Headaches and facial pain
  • Back and neck pain
  • Dizziness and vertigo
  • Jaw locking or limited jaw movement.

Our dedicated team at the office of Norwalk Dental Center is committed to providing personalized care for each patient suffering from TMJ disorder. We'll start by thoroughly reviewing your medical history and conducting a comprehensive assessment of your joint symptoms and function. Depending on your specific needs, we may also order radiographic imaging or other diagnostic tests to develop the best treatment plan for you.

A Wide Range of TMJ Treatment Options

At our office, we offer a variety of treatments designed to alleviate symptoms and improve your jaw function. These may include:

  • Oral appliances such as night guards or stabilization splints to reduce strain on your joints
  • Steroid injections to help manage inflammation and pain
  • Botox® injections to relax overactive muscles and alleviate discomfort
  • Occlusal adjustments to improve the alignment of your teeth and bite
  • Restorative, prosthodontic, or orthodontic care to address structural issues and enhance overall function.

We understand that living with TMJ disorder can be incredibly challenging. That's why our compassionate team is here to support you every step of the way. If you're struggling with jaw pain or limited movement, don't hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment at the office of Norwalk Dental Center. We'll work together to help you find relief from your TMJ symptoms and get back to enjoying a more comfortable, pain-free life.

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